Tudor Clothes
Rich people and poor people dressed very, very differently
in Tudor times.
Rich people stuck to the fashions of the royal family and the courts. Ladies' dresses
had tight waists and big padded sleeves and shoulders.
Wide collars were popular.
Men wore long socking called hose and there jackets were called doublets. Trousers were short breeches and all of the clothes were brightly coloured.
A lot of women's dresses are
made of silk. They were sewn with gold thread and edged with jewels. Men liked to dress up as much as women. Their clothes were embroided with silver or perhaps gold thread or coloured silk and often sewn with jewels.
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Picture 'poor man.jpg'
Poor people needed clothes to keep warm. They wore any clothes they could find or were given.
Usually the clothes were made of wool and were very simple.
The colours were very dull and they were also very cheap.

Anne Boleyn brought back the fashion of the French hood. The French hood was worn further back on the head and it showed some of the hair at the front. When Anne Boleyn was executed, the french hood went out of fashion for a while, but by the time Elizabeth I began to reign caps and the French hood were worn again .
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